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With a sweeping collection of new music, acclaimed trumpeter/composer Charlie Porter gathers a dynamic group of forward-looking musicians to celebrate America's rich immigrant history. In a time when policy has become a heart-wrenching polarizing topic, Porter felt compelled to reclaim the uniting power of the word "immigrant" through art, knowing its healing capacity can be great when crafted with intention.


Porter, saxophonist Nick Biello, pianist Oscar Perez, bassist David Wong, and drummer Kenneth Salters, present twelve original compositions in two sets, "Leaving Home" & "New Beginnings." The ensemble burns and soars while embracing many global influences that have found their way into the music, including elements from Porter's Lebanese/Greek/Italian heritage, all while fully living in the essence and language of jazz.



Part 1: Leaving Home 
1. Immigration Nation 7:45 
2. Contradictions Within 8:41 
3. Divergent Paths 6:01 
4. Flight 4:46 
5. Second Chance 6:10 (Lyrics by Charlie Porter & Jacob Miller) 
6. The Unexpected 6:27 

Part 2: New Beginnings 
7. The Privileged Few 8:39 
8. A New Vernacular 5:30 
9. Survival of the Fittest 4:42 
10. A Deepening Sense 7:00 
11. Belonging 5:32 
12. Chant 7:44 

All music by Charlie Porter | Porter House Press (ASCAP)



Charlie Porter - trumpet 
Nick Biello - tenor saxophone 
Oscar Perez - piano 
David Wong - bass 
Kenneth Salters - drums 
Sabine Kabongo - vocals (5)



Produced by Steve Alboucq 
Recorded by Mike Marciano & Max Ross at Samurai Hotel Recording Studio, Astoria, NY 
on April 28-29, 2019 
Mixed & Mastered by Mike Marciano,Systems Two, Long Island 
Photos by Steve Alboucq 
Cover design & layout by John Bishop


Immigration Nation Album Digital Download

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