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“I have become a better trumpet player over the past year. He helps me with the fundamentals that I never learned elsewhere or on my own. He has helped me with timing, intervals, chords, improvisation, building my range etc. He also is willing to work on my current music challenges as well as provide me with new exercises and ways to approach my practices and make the best of limited practice time. I love his wealth of music knowledge and down-to-earth explanations that helps me practice better, smarter and continually improve. Everything that he has taught me has helped me to become a better trumpet player and my fellow band members have also noticed. I have personally recommended him to a fellow trumpeter and sax player. He's extremely generous with his time and knowledge. He's the best !!!"

Don Risser / Trumpeter

“I have had 3 lessons with Charlie now and I have already felt my trumpet come to life! Charlie gives very good advice on how to help teach yourself to improve and is definitely a master trumpeter. It feels like I am learning from a good friend. Thanks Charlie for your passion for music and specifically the trumpet. Thanks for inspiring me. I had taken a 16 year break from the trumpet and now I feel like I am an even stronger player after just 6 months back. I live in Sweden and do lessons online with Charlie and he comes highly recommended."

Eric Haney / Trumpeter

“Another brilliant lesson from Charlie - a truly great teacher, and a relentlessly curious fellow explorer of the instrument."

Jim Stagnitto / Trumpetert

“Best trumpet teacher I've ever come across. Current, extraordinarily knowledgable, intelligent. Opening my eyes to a whole new world of appreciation and enthusiasm for the instrument. Very grateful for Charlie!"

Jon Spinogatti / Trumpet

“I've been resisting reporting on my lessons with Charlie. I'm afraid of him getting popular so I can't schedule more lessons! Charlie's hour long Skype sessions are a flat out bargain. It's so easy to schedule and pay them online. You can schedule them whenever you are ready for another. Just book one and you'll understand first hand why I am so grateful to have connected with him. I could tell you how effectively he uses the hour, what a great mentor he is, how patient and persistent he is when I can't "get" something, and how totally good a human he is, but if you're unwilling to risk a pittance, you will never know what you missed. Highly recommended! (now I hope his schedule doesn't fill up and ruin this good thing I enjoy!) Phil"

Phil Hunt / Trumpet

“Outstanding! My first lesson; new to instrument; Charlie was perfectly attuned to my level and need for instruction. Great communication and uses various methods to get the message across. Super value to have a pre-eminent artist like Charlie provide my level of instruction. I just hope his patience holds out! I plan to learn as long as Carlie intends to teach. I've tried other methods on on-line instruction - this is the best next to live. Instant Q&A feedback and a great learning experience...way beyond my highest expectations."

Mark Adams / Trumpeter

“After putting my trumpet down 40 years ago Charlie is helping me pick it up again. I only wish I had a teacher like Charlie when I first started. Regardless of your skill level book a lesson - you won’t be disappointed. And pick up his albums. Charlie is the real deal!"

Rob Widmer / Trumpeter

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