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Not a stranger to the idea of infusing one's art with examinations of societal conditions, Grammy-winning trumpeter Charlie Porter follows 2019's "Immigration Nation" with thoughts of how we act in hindsight to deal with the collateral damage of 'progress' and the centuries-old struggles with racism, inequality and corruption.


Born during the upheavals of 2020, "Hindsight" reflects the tumult, uncertainty, and fiery emotions of the times, yet with the recent birth of his son, and thoughts of how we're going to leave the planet for the next generation, his "For Ellis" closes the album with a gospel choir and a hymn of hope.



1 Tipping Point 5:49 
2 Hindsight 7:00 
3 Walking The Plank 6:51 
4 Things Fall Apart 7:53 
5 Requiem 7:38 
6 In Short Supply 9:45 
7 Going Viral 5:55 
8 Paradise Lost 5:33 
9 For Ellis 4:18 

All music by Charlie Porter 
Porter House Music (ASCAP) 
(4) lyrics by Majid Khaliq 
(6) lyrics by Madelaina Piazza


Charlie Porter - trumpet 
Nick Biello - alto & soprano saxophones (1,6,8), keyboards (7,8) 
Mike Moreno - guitar (3-6,8) 
Behn Gillece - vibraphone (2,6) 
Orrin Evans - piano/keyboards 
David Wong - bass 
Damian Erskine - fretless electric bass (4) 
Kenneth Salters - drums 
Jimmie Herrod - vocals (4,6) 
Rasheed Jamal - rap vocals (6) 
Majid Khaliq - violin (4) 
Bassekou Kouyate - ngoni (African traditional guitar) (6) 
Mahamadou Tounkara - ntama (African talking drum) (6) 
Hallowed Halls Gospel Choir (9)



Executive Producer: Steve Alboucq / Produced by Nick Biello & Charlie Porter 
Recorded by: Mike Marciano at Samurai Hotel, Astoria, NY on August 13-14, 2020; 
Justin Phelps at The Hallowed Halls, Portland, OR on September 1, 2020; 
Yaya Diarra at Studio Bogolan, Bamako, Mali on October 7, 2020 
Mixed & Mastered by Mike Marciano at Systems Two, Long Island, NY 
Cover painting: "Hindsight" by Mark Kostabi 
Cover design & layout by John Bishop


Hindsight Album Digital Download

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